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How to lose weight?

Once you enroll in the program, we guide you on food management, water management, sleep management, and daily physical fitness routines. It is all about whole health.

The workout routines are low impact but highly result-oriented. AAYU Wellness program is a combination of GBC, aerobics, dynamic yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises), dance fitness, meditation, MTB and Stick exercises, and more to build your stamina, increase your flexibility, and make you stronger. You do not have to enroll in different classes or programs. You learn and practice all under one roof.

What are GBC, Stick exercises, and MTB exercises?

GBC is General Body Conditioning performed before any workout routines. 
MTB and Stick exercises both are inventions of Dr. Raj Shetty for the last 30 years.

Stick exercises 

One needs a bamboo stick of 5 feet in length. The circumference of the bamboo stick is around 1 inch for the proper grip while doing the stick exercises.

With the magic stick, you perform total body workouts. The stepwise exercises are systematically structured to focus on the removal of fat layers from the body. The fat loss with this method tones the body without sagging the skin. The magic stick workout is the brainchild of Dr. Raj Shetty, invented in 1990. Holding it in the proper method using geometric angles can craft and sculpt the body in various exercises. This beautiful stick workout has several benefits: figure control, posture correction, flexibility, strength training, and many more.

Multi-Purpose Bench

MTB.Recycled sedan car tires and 16 -18mm plywood are used to make MTB. MTB is again a unique invention of Dr. Raj Shetty. This bench is the perfect, most useful, and the least expensive investment one can commit for weight loss with a holistic and mindfulness approach. One does not have to throw thousands of dollars on expensive fitness equipment or gadgets to achieve a good, fit, healthy body. Vigorous workouts are damaging to the body when one is obese or overweight. Hence, MTB is the perfect invention for such cases. It is highly result-oriented but at the same time gentle on the body, which avoids jerks and bounces to the body and joints. Numerous exercises like aerobics, calisthenics, bounce floor exercises, Zumba performed on MTB. Activities with this MTB give beautiful results for total fitness. It is very effective for fat loss without any damages or injuries.

Each day's routines are different and unique. You will be learning and performing various forms of exercises specially designed for weight loss and achieving the best of total health. 

AAYU HMWC will train you in so many forms of exercise. (Stick and MTB workouts, GBC, dynamic yoga, pranayama, meditation, martial arts). 

AAYU Wellness is total fitness to body, mind, and soul.

Prioritize your health now! Do not delay in achieving a healthy body, happy mind, and blissful soul!

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