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Dr. RajAshok Shetty (Raj Shetty - PhD)

International Holistic Wellness management Expert Dr. RajAshok Shetty is your fitness friend & founder of AAYU Fitness Holistic Mindfulness Workouts Culture ( HMWC) and AAYU Wellness Program USA

About Dr. RajaAshok Rama Shetty wellknown as  Dr. Raj Shetty

Dr. Raj Shetty has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, undergone various professional Health & Fitness programs with Post Graduation Diploma in Wellness Management. In Alternative Medicine, he has earned his Ph.D. with his thesis title as "4+1=100 magic on bodies formula for holistic wellness - obesity/overweight/total fitness management.

Dr. Raj has over four decades of experience in total health and Fitness.

He is Black Belt 4, Dan, in Karate & Self Defense, He has created his patented '4+1=100' formula, which has created unbelievable results in the Fitnss He is also the creator of his patented routines of Tire & Stick and HMWC (Holistic mindfulnesWorkouts Culture . These workouts have created miraculous results for people with Obesity, Overweight & related problems, Early Ageing, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Stroke, Kidney Disorders, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea, Psychological issues, and many more.


  • Book on 4+1=100 years of life released Internationally in seven languages.
  • Patented Workout patterns.
  • 100% Result in Weight Reduction by Exercises
  • 10 National Records in Fitness/Weight Control / Martial Arts stunts/ Non stop Aerobics
  • One of his Obese Student was able to reduce as much as 105kgs in 11 months.
  • 40 +Years Experience

Awards and Recognition

Ten times National record holder and has received various awards and recognitions and media coverage

Personal and Fitness journey

Since childhood, he has always been very passionate about Fitness. His primary source of inspiration is Bruce Lee. He is a black belt four dan in Karate. He started learning Karate at a very young age.

At the age of fourteen, he has started teaching Karate for Fitness and self-defense to his neighborhood kids of all ages.

Fast forward to the year 2021,  for over 40 years, He has successfully helped more than 100,000 individuals lose over 500,000 kg of weight and are now leading a healthy and happy life following my 4 + 1 = 100 magic on bodies formula. His fitness routines, unlike the conventional kinds, are low in impact but highly result-oriented. He has received ten Limca Book of records (LBR) awards for my accomplishments, of which four LBR awards are for helping people lose weight and helping them lead a healthy life.

He has designed the formula derived from principles of nature, and one starts the journey of weight loss with the understanding of five elements of nature in the most holistic and mindfulness approach. This formula is for all fitness levels and ages from 9 years to 90 years to lead a healthy, happy, stress-free life.

His Mission and Vision

His mission is to establish his members and students in their internal health and external health.

Sharīramādyam khalu dharmasādhanam (this body is indeed the instrument to do good deeds).  You experience your life experiences through your body. You perform your duties and responsibilities with this body. You go on vacations and experience the pleasures of life  with this body. Then why not make this body which is mother nature's gift to you, the best version of you and experience all the experiences life offers at the highest happiest levels.

Join him to experience this world with your fit, healthy and strong body,  peaceful mind, and happy soul.

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