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June 17, 2021 - BY Admin

Binal Bhatt, Founder of Perfect Financials

Subject: Expressing my gratitude towards Dr.Raj Ashok Shetty for making me fit and healthy and writing my experience at AAYU wellness center Surat.

Respected Raj Sir,
As an AAYUian, I would like to express my gratitude to you for making me fit and healthier. AAYU’s HMWC (Holistic Mindfulness Workouts Culture) has made me a healthy, happy and calm person. Staying healthy is not just being physically fit it also includes mental wellbeing. AAYU has not only made me physically fit but my mental well-being and my peace of mind have improved drastically. At AAYU center instructors like you and Minaxi mam, your teaching techniques, center’s environment, and culture are such that it not only makes one physically fit but also heals you from inside, and brings inner peace in you. I am very grateful to you Raj Sir! and I am really satisfied with my decision of joining AAYU. The results you have delivered are far better than my expectations. I am very much obliged to you Dr. Raj Sir and with my due respect and tribute to you, I am writing my experience to you.

“Health is wealth”
All of us are very familiar with the saying “Health is wealth” but we always remain busy and attached to acquiring wealth and neglected health. Even I was one of the persons, being a financial professional I was so busy in my work routines and neglected my health. My health was so much deteriorated due to that. I was obese, and having multiple health issues like diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, back and body pain, etc. and due to my bad health, I could not concentrate properly on my work. Since I am the founder of a financial firm “Perfect financials” and a stockbroker I am very busy from morning 9 am to 7 pm. My major work is maintaining client’s wealth and for that, I have to sit 6 to 7 hours in one place. Many times, due to my busy schedule I would skip my lunch or eat unhealthily or readily available junk food, as I was diabetic all this deteriorated my health and I also developed thyroid problems which led to increase in weight drastically. In 2020 COVID pandemic changed the world totally and we all were at home, for 3 months from April to December 2020 I had tried everything to lose weight. I tried yoga, walking, aerobics started dieting on my own but there was no result, as I was not doing it correctly. Later I stopped doing exercises due to lack of motivation and didn’t know the correct techniques of doing it in any other way, I gained more weight and was extremely disappointed.

The turning point of my health:
The turning point of my health started when I joined AAYU HMWC in January 2021. AAYU’s environment is so positive and motivating. Open terrace garden which is perfectly designed for your inner and outer health. Centre’s environment and energy and especially Raj Sir’s teaching
techniques are so uniquely designed that anyone new to workout can do it very easily. Most important both the trainers Minaxi Mam and Raj sir both are very humble, supportive, and motivating. Frankly speaking when I joined AAYU I was having so many doubts in my mind that how can I lose weight without heavy gym instruments, without working out so much, without feeling restless, and starting with too small? but as they say “Every small step in the right direction counts”, This Is the perfect definition to AAYU HMWC center. AAYU’s fitness culture has the perfect blend of aerobics, Zumba, cardio workout, kickboxing, yoga, weight training, floor workouts, body toning, mediations and so many things all in one place. And the cherry on the cake is Raj sir’s teaching techniques and detailing of every exercise with breathing techniques are best and has delivered me best results. AAYU has a tire and stick culture and has a daily workout pattern from Monday to Saturday. These patterns are so well designed that most difficult exercises with his relaxation techniques can be done so easily. I remember that, earlier I could barely walk for 15- 20minutes and I would be tired but now, AAYU has made me so strong and flexible that even difficult exercises I can do easily.

AAYU’s culture and your support:
As a diabetic and having multiple health problems exercising and dieting was of utmost importance for me but you can only do that when you have someone to push you. I got my ultimate motivation after joining AAYU and specifically, Raj sir has motivated me so much that I started liking exercising and started taking proper food for my body. Raj sir is so much dedicated to his work that he gives personal attention to everyone. Raj Sir’s detailing in every exercise, combining it with breathing, relaxation techniques after the heavy workout are so well designed and developed by him that exercising has become a very easy and happy task for me. At AAYU we are doing so many intense workouts very easily with Raj sir’s unique way. I was not an early morning person but, the energy of Raj sir and AAYU is so positive that I started waking up early. Especially this happens automatically when your day starts with positivity then everything turns positive automatically, exercising with meditative shlokas, positive atmosphere of AAYU Raj Sir’s jolly nature, humors while exercising and all, always made my day and now I am happily waking up early daily and regularly doing exercise. The most important thing about AAYU’s HMWC is that it does not require many instruments only basic things one needs are a stick and tire anyone can do it at home very easily I am the best example of it. In April 2021 lockdown restrictions were followed again and I was afraid that I would not be able to lose weight, but Raj sir continued the online classes and even at home very easily I was able to lose weight and the most important thing is that I never felt that I was exercising alone. The way Raj Sir conducts the online classes you never feel you are alone working out.

Raj Sir is the “Healing Buddha of my family”.
Apart from this AAYU has helped my family during the tough time in the COVID pandemic, my mother and my sister-in-law both together were tested COVID positive in April, Raj Sir shared his unique breathing yoga techniques with my family. There was a time when my mom was serious and no medicine or any other things saved my mom from COVID it’s only Raj Sir’s knowledge, wisdom, and positive energy that saved my mom. Doing Raj Sir’s breathing techniques regularly they both could not only survive in COVID but they both got cured at home itself. Raj Sir is so kind that he is not only involved in AAYUian's health but he wants to spread his knowledge and wisdom to everyone and wants to contribute to saving the world. He always says in his classes that you should make others also aware of the same. We are now daily practicing his breathing methods and now my whole family is fit and fine. with my due respect and tribute, I have termed Raj Sir As a “Healing Buddha of my family”.

Fat to fit me:

AAYU has made me fat to fit I have lost 10 kgs weight in 4 months and my inch loss is much more than the most important thing is that I have not only lost fat I have developed muscles also you can go through my report which I am attaching below, I have lost almost 14kgs of fat and gained 5kgs of muscles which is very healthy. This is not the first time I have lost weight, 10 years ago I lost weight in some gym but my body shape was not so good nor I was so strong and fit that time. But now not only that my body strength has developed more but also, I am in a good shape. My stamina has increased. My sugar levels are improving, I have stopped taking my thyroid pills, PCOD is improving, skin is glowing and my back and body pain has gone completely and now I can concentrate on my work very well without getting irritated. I am enjoying being fit.

AAYU’s HMWC has made me a healthy, happy, and calm person now I am in a true sense a healthy and happy person, and my advice to everyone is that one must join AAYU for not only physical fitness but also mental well-being and to live 100 years of a happy life.

Dear Raj Sir, everyone in their life has a guru to lead them, I have you in my life as a Guru. You made me come out of my ignorance. I learned to handle the problems all because of you. I always pay my tribute to you. Thanks! For guiding me

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