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OBESITY may be defined as an abnormal growth of the adipose tissue due to an enlargement of fat cells (hypertrophy obesity), or an increase in fat cell numbers (hyperplasia obesity), or a combination of both. Obesity is often expressed in terms of Body Mass Index (BMI). A BMI of 30 or more in men and 28.6 or more in women, indicates obesity.

OBESITY could be due to various reasons, namely, genetic predisposition, physical inactivity, faulty eating habits, psycho-social factors, endocrine system disorders, liver and kidney malfunctioning, over use of certain drugs like steroids, etc.

OBESITY can occur at any age and generally increases as age increases. Obesity leads to several other complications apart from low self-esteem. Hyper plastic obesity in adults is very difficult to control with conventional methods.

OBESITY PREVENTION should begin from early childhood as Obesity is harder to treat in adults. The control of obesity and weight reduction can be achieved only by dietary changes and increased physical activity, or a combination of both. Unfortunately, in this instant gratification age, Obese people look for instant solutions. As a result, the so-called obesity experts, slimming centres, various equipments shown on the television, expensive health clubs with sophisticated gadgets, make roaring business encashing on Obese person's gullibility.

As against that, my effective formula for 100 years of life, developed by me about 20 years ago, has given satisfying results to thousands worldwide. In this simple and effective exercise method, I use 5 or 6 feet wooden sticks plus other exercise movements and synchronised breathing, without any equipments.
Let us see briefly how this magic formula of 4+1=100 works on the obese people.

Water -- 70% of body is made of water. In our programme we teach you how much water to drink, when to drink, what type of water to drink and when not to drink.

Air --
'Breath is Life'. So, we teach you how to inhale, exhale, retain; when to do the breathing exercises, how hypoxic (less oxygen) diseases are caused, how hyperventilation burns calories, etc.

Food --
More people die due to overeating than due to malnutrition. So, we teach you all about good diet and nutrition, what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, when not to eat, etc.

Sleep --
is very essential for good physical and mental health. We teach you all about body clock, quality sleep, the good time to sleep, why not to take sleeping pills and how to sleep naturally.

Work out --
Body has 700 muscles. When you do not exercise these muscles, they become the storehouse of fat and toxins, and then aches, pains, discomforts and diseases follow. We teach you how to burn your calories scientifically.

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