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Sonali Solanki

Sonali is your fitness friend, and she is co-founder of AAYU Wellness Program USA.

About Sonali Solanki

Sonali, a Mom, Yogini, HMWC instructor, Zumba instructor, MS in science. She is a Yoga teacher & instructor at AAYU, and she is a certified fitness trainer by AFSF (Academy of super fitness recognized by the Government of Gujarat, India). She has a bachelor's in microbiology and a Master's in Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Personal And fitness journey

Sonali Solanki, from Connecticut, USA. A mother of two, a certified Yoga teacher, and a Researcher in a Biopharmaceutical company. In addition, she is a classical Kathak dancer, lover of nature. She volunteers with the Art of Living Foundation, an international NGO.

Hectic lifestyles, increase in stress with every passing day had taken a toll on her health. As a result, she had gained a good amount of weight, suffered postpartum depression, and these led hormones to go for a  toss. She had given up and was tired of trying every possible diet and fitness program and gyms.

Finally, in December of 2020, Sonali came across Dr. Raj Shetty's Holistic Mindfulness Workout Culture (HMWC)  online program. As soon as She signed up and day one into the orientation of the HMWC program, She knew this is the most unique and highly result-oriented program that was perfect for her! It is not just about losing weight but overall health fitness where one gains strength, amplify your stamina, and increase your flexibility, all with the holistic and mindfulness approach. Within three months, her energy levels increased dramatically, and she was much more robust and productive in her personal and professional life. Sonali lost over 30 lbs following the complete program that guides you through low-impact but highly result-oriented total body workouts. Moreover, in the days of the pandemic, her immunity boosted many folds following the daily routines of pranayama.

After achieving such great results personally, She is motivated to bring this to as many lives as possible.

Sonali experienced this wealth of knowledge for my health and fitness first hand. And now take it As her mission to share this low-cost, beautifully adapted, and highly result-oriented program with each of you. So let's start our journey for total health! Start your day with AAYU Wellness for your daily dose of high-energy and super enthusiastic mornings.

Her Mission and Vision,

Her mission is, "through AAYU Wellness HMWC, I have established vitality in my total health, and I want to share it with the world. I want every individual to reach their highest potentials in their whole health for their body, mind, and soul.” - Sonali Solanki


Her vision is “I want to see the humanity free of obesity/overweight and stress-related difficulties”. -Sonali Solanki

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